Maddalena Marini, Ph.D.

Maddalena Marini, Ph.D., is a postdoctoral researcher at Italian Institute of Technology. She is interested in investigating implicit social beliefs, such as attitudes and stereotypes that operate without our intentional and conscious control and that can influence how we perceive, judge and make decisions about others. 

In her research, she seeks to identify the factors that play a role in shaping and maintaining these processes as well as designing interventions to change them. To addresses these questions, she uses different methods, including behavioral paradigms, electrophysiological and noninvasive brain stimulation techniques. Since 2011, she is also a researcher for the Implicit Project, a non-profit and international organization that aims to educate the public about implicit biases and create a “virtual laboratory” to investigate implicit social cognition on the Internet. 

Before joining IIT, Maddalena was a postdoctoral associate at Harvard University where she was awarded a fellowship from the Harvard Mind Brain Behavior interfaculty initiative. In 2009 she also received the award of outstanding young researcher in Experimental Psychology from the Italian Association of Psychology (Associazione Italiana di Psicologia, AIP). Maddalena regularly publishes her research in peer-reviewed journals and presents at national and international conferences. 

Author of

The Hidden Mind

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