Kimberly Key

Kimberly Key is past division president of the American Counseling Association and author of Ten Keys to Staying Empowered in a Power Struggle. She is Founder and Chief Empathy Officer of Encompass Work & Family and developed several multidisciplinary assessments, including The Key Essentials Balance Assessment. She has worked internationally and collaborated on research aimed at helping people adapt to political, career, family and economic instability. She is a board-certified counselor, psychotherapist and mediator with her doctoral training and M.A. in marriage and family therapy and counseling & educational psychology from the University of Nevada, Reno (CACREP accredited) and Alliant International University (COAMFTE accredited). Her post-graduate work focused on global impacts of changing family structures and business systems.

Author of

Counseling Keys

Counseling Keys provides positive, practical, solution-focused, and narrative counseling tips on the challenges people face in today's world: career mobility, parenting, dating and divoroce, working relationships, social justice and discrimination, holistic health, technology impacts, globalization, and stress reduction for all of it.

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