Jeffrey Davis M.A.

Jeffrey Davis, M.A., is a researcher, speaker, consultant, teacher, and author of four books, including Tracking Wonder: The Surprising Path to Effortless Mastery (Sounds True, forthcoming, 2021). Through his venture, consultancy, and podcast show Tracking Wonder, he and his team work with and research creative innovators, entrepreneurs, and social psychologists to help people flourish in times of challenge and change. He has taught at Western Connecticut State University, Southern Methodist University, and at world-class centers & conferences around the world. He lives with his wife and their two little girls in a farmhouse in the Hudson Valley of New York.


Author of

Tracking Wonder

Wonder eludes being pinned down and evades our recognizing that we're in its midst. Yet, based on this middle-aged writer's experiences, research, and explorations, wonder may turn out to be the most important emotional experience for us adults to cultivate. Especially if we're in creative fields and have problems with motivation, novelty, follow-through, collaboration, or project completion. Wonder - like happiness and compassion - can be practiced and re-invited into our work and personal lives. This blog aims to share solid ideas related to just that. See you in the woods.

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