Dena Kouremetis

A product of the baby boomer generation, Dena Kouremetis has been writing about life, love, kids, housing, health, and wellness since 1997, when she began her career with a weekly column in the Sacramento Bee. Mom of the original #Girlboss (of NYT Best Seller and Netflix fame), Kouremetis has experienced challenges not unlike many her age — divorce and remarriage, wrinkles, a Spanx collection, and sun damage. Her Nora Ephron-esque style and sometimes brutal transparency come through in her musings about life past age 55 (she is “pushing 70”) and everything it seems to portend. She looks to provide both entertaining as well as serious looks into how 65 is the new 45 and what we can do to make that even possible and also covers the often challenging relationship between mother and adult daughter. She lives in northern California and authors both The Unedited Offspring blog and the (R)aging With Grace blog on Psychology Today.

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The Unedited Offspring

Believing in Your Outlier Kid Read now.
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(R)aging with Grace

When you find yourself at the age you never thought you’d be, there you are. Read now.