David Rosen Ph.D

David Rosen initially trained in pharmacy and pharmacology and now specializes in health psychology and consumer behaviour. David is evaluating the role of cognitive biases within health preventative behaviour at Kings College London. David's research is focussed on the determinants and influence of risk perception in cardiovascular disease and its consequences for future health. This includes the potential dangers of unrealistic optimism and pessimism as well as several areas of health cognition thought to encourage maladaptive health behaviour. These areas include risk attribution, the determinants and consequences of heuristic behaviour and the role of cognitive processing pathways in judgement and decision making.

Rosen has spent the last 25 years within healthcare, consulting on key issues affecting consumers, patients and healthcare professionals. Prior to his research work, Rosen undertook a Master’s degree in marketing and consumer behaviour at Durham University where he studied the determinants and impact of exercise addiction on triathlete enthusiasts. Over the past 20 years, Rosen has worked internationally for and with many leading pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer, Glaxo SmithKline and Boehringer Ingelheim. He has created launch strategies for new drug categories, mapped patient behaviour and developed healthcare education programmes to promote improved patient engagement and adherence.

Health 2.0 draws on Rosen's experience and research over the past 35 years, exploring the revolutionary changes that influence the decisions we make regarding our health and wellbeing. Health 2.0 will explain our increasing focus on wellness, our reactions to illness, the expectations of technology and drug innovation and our evolving relationship with healthcare professionals. In short, a narrative of our new relationship with health and wellness.

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Health 2.0

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