Barbara W. Sarnecka Ph.D.

Barbara W. Sarnecka, Ph.D., is an experimental psychologist specializing in higher-order cognition (i.e., how people think) and cognitive development (i.e., how children think, and how their thinking changes as they grow). She’s long studied how children learn and understand numbers, but in recent years her research has expanded into other areas, including social cognitive development (i.e., how children think about the world of people), the development of judgment and decision-making, and adult moral cognition (e.g., how adults’ moral judgments affect our reasoning). Her favorite new line of research is about writing: "I see writing as a form of thinking, so studying how people write is a natural extension of studying how they think,” she says. "Finally, I believe in open science: Keeping research and data hidden or behind paywalls is bad for science and bad for society. I support efforts to change the culture and institutions of science to make the fruits of researchers' work available to everyone."

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