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Monk Prayogshala Research Institution


Monk Prayogshala Research Institution (Sec 8) is a not-for-profit academic research institution, registered under the Indian Companies Act, 2013. We undertake projects covering the entire research life cycle from proposals to experimentation through to publishing and feedback integration. We follow rigorous processes in the development of our research proposals while ensuring that we adhere to ethical considerations prescribed by international organisations. We respect the confidentiality of our participants, their activities and expect all research personnel to adhere to the same. We are an equal opportunity employer.

We at Monk Prayogshala thrive on the collective vision of the betterment of academic research in India. Our research is focused on Indian variables and largely uses an Indian participant base. We are also among the most trusted training institutions in the field of academic research in India, with MP trained alumni regularly pursuing PhDs and Masters programs in the US, UK, and Australia and working with reputed Non-Government Organisations and NPOs to measure research impact and publish their work in high impact research journals.

Monk Prayogshala comprises a team of Research Authors, Assistants and Interns currently working in the areas of social sciences research. The head office of Monk Prayogshala is a 500-square-foot space in Powai, Mumbai, that doubles up as a research laboratory equipped with extensive research-enabling tools for literature review and reference management, statistical analyses, and academic writing. We follow rigorous processes in the development of research proposals while ensuring adherence to ethical considerations prescribed by national and international organisations, such as the American Psychological Association. We aim to enhance the practicability of the disciplines it functions in through the use of research software, research databases and research management tools to facilitate the research process. We are known for international publications in the disciplines of psychology and economics, covering diverse research areas including creativity, gossip, individual differences, nudge theory, and gender studies in Indian cinema, with a number of research publications under review. We aim to further the cause of academic research in and from India and improve the quality and volume of the nation's research output into the global academic research community.

You can find us on Twitter @monkprayogshala.

Arathy Puthillam is a Research Assistant in the Department of Psychology at Monk Prayogshala, a not-for-profit research organization based in Mumbai, India. Her research uses an evolutionary perspective to study group behaviours, including moral and political behaviours. Her work has been published in peer-reviewed journals as well as popular media outlets, such as The Psychologist, FirstPost, and The Print. When she's not listening to musicals, she Tweets @WallflowerBlack.

Sampada Karandikar is a Mumbai-based psychologist and author. She completed her Masters in Forensic Psychology from the University of York, UK, and is currently a research author at Monk Prayogshala, a social sciences research organization based in Mumbai, India. As a trained therapist, she also practices in counseling centers across Mumbai. She has authored several research proposals and manuscripts in the areas of personality psychology, forensic psychology, cybercrime, and social psychology, and published in international peer-reviewed journals. Sampada recently co-authored a book analyzing several Indian serial-killers, entitled Twisted: A Profile of Indian Serial Killers. In her free time, she can be found nerding out about pop-culture, screaming at tennis matches, and mostly planning what to eat next. She Tweets at @sampada_sk.

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