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Molly Howes, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist with more than three decades of experience. In addition to seeing individual psychotherapy patients of all ages, she works with couples, including parents who are no longer a couple but still co-parenting. The presence of current conflict within relationships – as well as unhealed earlier hurt – has taught her the necessary elements of a thorough repair, that is, what makes a good apology. She finds herself serving as a “hope merchant,” carrying faith in people’s potential to heal and make wrongs right.

As a psychologist, she’s also engaged with research studying the interpersonal aspects of depression, the prevalence of mental health issues in general medical practice, and large-scale psychiatric epidemiology. As a person, she’s become a serious writer of nonfiction.

Her book A Good Apology: Four Steps to Make Things Right will be released by Grand Central Publishing on July 21, 2020. It’s a thoughtful, commonsense guide to the meaning and the means of making amends on any scale.

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