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John Bradshaw Ph.D.


John Bradshaw, Ph.D., founded and directs the world-renowned Anthrozoology Institute, based at the University of Bristol. He has been studying the behaviour of domestic cats and dogs (and their owners) for over 25 years, and is the author of many scientific articles, research papers, and reviews, which have not only shed new light on the dog and cat's abilities and needs, but have also changed the way that they are understood and cared for all over the world. Intent on understanding every aspect of the relationship between man and his "best friends", Bradshaw's research has ranged from studies of why guide dogs are less well accepted in Japan than they are in the West, to how cats organise their societies, to how gundogs learn how to track their quarry. His recent books, Dog Sense, (entitled In Defence of Dogs in the UK and Commonwealth) and Cat Sense, both New York Times best-sellers, explain how a better understanding of their biology can revolutionise relationships between pets and their owners. His latest book is The Trainable Cat, co-written with Dr Sarah Ellis. His account of the human-animal bond, The Animals Among Us, is due for publication in the fall of 2017.

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