It's Christmas Eve, so I'm allowed to be <strikeout> cynical </strikeout> pragmatic, right?

  > Is it important to love yourself?
You only really love yourself, the love you express for others is only an expression and overflow of the love of self. So the answer depends on exactly who you want to love at the end of the day, maybe loving yourself is but a stepping stone.

  > ACT (Acceptance and Committment Therapy)
Interesting innuendo here - isn't life all a one act play, and we all actors?

  > What if the self-esteem discussion is like the proverbial finger pointing at the moon?
Which idiom are you referring to, that of the mystic Pythagoras (you will blind the angels) or the Shaolin Bruce Lee (you will focus on the finger and not on heaven)?

So we come to the $64M question

  > Is Self-Compassion More Important than Self-Esteem?
This piece of counselling advice: "Show only empathy, not sympathy and never, never pity or compassion" is all wrong I am afraid. If all you get is empathy when more of the other "ity's" would be more beneficial, then you better know all the methods of giving and receiving self-compassion.
For those who cannot see that the answer is a YES, what a pity!