Wow, don't get bitter, man. So men trade up but women don't? You're deluded. Maybe this was true in the past, but nowadays women are achieving high value and status easily and yes, you may like it or not but they are behaving exactly like men which proves sociological factors are the key and biology… Oh well, not so much.

I have never stated that men (or women by the way) want to be bossed by older partners, neither that I approve, nor that I expect both younger women and men in sugar daddy/mommy relationships to never cheat, because they are in it only for the money, the security and comfort the relationship provides… As someone stated above. So obviously, yes I expect them to eventually abandon the older guy/woman and go for a person their age; at least that is what a couple of mail brides I kew did in the past -cheat to the stupid old farts with younger men. It's all about convenience. Younger people want the money and easy life the older one provides for them while the latter gets the objectified younger sexy partner to show as an accessorize. Well that's obvious, genius.

Whether I agree with their choices or not it's not relevant here. What I'm saying is that it goes both ways, which you seem to deny or simply don't get. Royal and noble women always did this in the past, because of their title, they couldn't be reprehended for it unlike other women who suffered under the patriarchal regimen. However, current society allows a new achieved liberty to women and many of those who already have the status and money can chose among younger, sexier available men JUST AS SOME MEN DO. Really, what is so hard to get for you? Or does it makes you mad? And if so, please explain why, since you don't have a problem stating "when couples turn 50, men trade up". According to your own logic, these men are also screwed up, as their new younger wives won't care for their "dried out" husbands either and will stay around until the money goes for good. Since I'm supporting the socio-cultural motivation here let me tell you something about biology on which I do agree: From 30 onwards, women become less fertile and men lose their virility and sperm count decreases. At 50 yo you can bet, most women can't be no longer mothers and most men don't get it up without help, plus low sperm...

So hey, I'm not saying it makes sense. Im just stating the frigging truth, which is giving the same opportunities, women just behave like men. Sociological theories do hold wight. Period.

And seriously, dude, "The Special Olympics"? I agree, many old men and women are so desperate for younger companionship, they just don't care much about the look, alright. Some are really hot and other not so oh but come on, to make fun of people with intellectual disabilities is just plain sad and pathetic.