I enjoyed this post, which had me dwell on the concept of writing prompts to look-over what I achieved from nearly every relationship I had. I never thought of completing such a task before, but yet, have always applied this tactic after ending a relationship. I've had many relationships with a variety of people, and each taught me a very important thing about life. I could list the dozen, but I'll like to keep this post short. Whether a person writes it out or meditate it on these prompt ideas, it will help build them up into a stronger person. It gives them a chance to know what they want out of life, the type of people they want to be around, and most importantly, set boundaries that won't allow them be taken advantaged of by others. We live in a society where people thrive for acceptance so much, they would throw away their own beliefs at the fear of losing those near them. It has been because of social acceptance that has caused people to commit terrible deeds, join cults they shouldn't be part of, and utterly making decisions that place them in tough spot. So if people apply these prompts to mind through the best method to them, it will help them gain a better understanding to themselves and what they want out of life.