Facebook is a popular app in your smartphone that allows the comparison of your life to others. People can show off their journeys to exotic locations, their superior talents, perfect weddings, lavish dinners, boast about promotions, boast about their Halloween or Thanksgiving decor, post quotes related to their beliefs... Inequality is always at the heart of what we are. Born unequal--and with varying degrees of strength. In a very oversimplified example, nature produces some humans with Myopia (nearsightedness) vs others with excellent vision (I myself lost my good vision around the 3rd grade). True civility will come when the person born with bad vision is considered of equal value to the one born with good vision. Bringing a people to a stage of social, cultural and moral development considered to be more advanced is extremely difficult. It's the big question of our time. Should all humans have the same status, rights and opportunities? Many people say no. Thank science for contact lenses, that my value is increased!