I walked in the bedroom one day and found an old girlfriend going through my phone. I said watcha doing? She said "uh uh well uh." I said it's ok go ahead. I want you to know that I have nothing to hide from you, so really it's ok. You can look. I understood that she was insecure about us and what I did that day calmed her fears and it all got better.

Until the day that I looked at her phone and she called me insecure. I bet you can guess what I found.

One thing I do understand is that when someone calls another insecure. They are usually using it as projection and a defense mechanism.

I see the word insecure used way to much in the comments on this website. Most truly secure people don't seem to need to use that word.

If people don't want to let another look at their phone then they are usually hiding something and are pretty INSECURE about it. Hey look, there goes PTs favorite word again.