Hi Joshua
I am sorry you had to deal with such an emotional roller coaster.
I didn't "catch" my spouse in any act physically, but found out he has been talking to a few women on line. The kicker for me is that he chatted in our home. I know it sounds childish, but he "emotionally" wrecked me in betrayal, and trust is not there. Instead of talking to me about issues we have been having, he decided to flee and find someone to pet his "EGO"
I am trying to better myself, but he is the one who clearly needs help. I am not the one responsible for how he behaves. HIS BS EGO NEEDS TO GO, and he wasted his time with those peopele. Wasted it to wreck our marriage more for "EGO" boosting, instead of working on a marriage he says he wants to keep? Ughhhh, 24 years of MY Loyalty and TRUST down the DRAIN for some what?? Anyway, venting helps me and my counseling , plus I have a child who needs me at home. Good luck on your future, mine is still unknown and I am working on MY SELF....
Lyn H.