As I grow older, I start to find flaws in the household that I was raised by today's standards. Who is the one to define a happy household, as opposed to unhappy. Physical abuse is one thing, but to what degree? Who draws the lines? Is it the act of growing up in certain households that makes us who we are? Is it better to run from the muck of society, or keep going as if it was never perceived at all? Maybe the rut is just the lack of trust in our perception as the world changes around us. The world seems to work in percentiles rather than base numbers. Can't have too many people pass at once. Even if one does better, it might not be enough to pass that standard in your surrounding society. Jerry Seinfeld has pointed out the fact that in our language nowadays, there is a fine line between great and awful. If something is not great, it's awful. Hard standard to live by.