Thanks for reading the post and commenting. I'm wondering how you define networking, and how you obtained those contracts without a certain amount of networking. I define networking as personal relationship building, and it happens all the time in a wide range of situations: association meetings, conferences, meet-up groups, social media (if you have a LinkedIn profile and keep it up-to-date, you're at least passively networking), staying in touch with former employers and colleagues, meeting peers for coffee... it's not about working a room with business cards. So if you're sharing with someone who you are and what you offer, you're networking.

You're right, the amount to which one has to do overt networking activities varies by industry. It also varies depending on how long you've been doing what you do (someone in business for 10 years with a solid reputation probably enjoys good word-of-mouth and referrals). And, I still stand behind the fact that in order to keep clients and customers consistently coming through the door, an entrepreneur has to be visible to his or her market. Marketing is fine, and it's not enough - it's important to make and sustain personal connections with people, in person or online, whether you make widgets or write software.