interesting, learned a lot about different views
I very much enjoyed reading on memory reconsolidation and the mechanism of extinction

i'm of a view that if a client needs a brief therapy, a therapist should have enough maturity not to make days into years just because it fits his/her therapeutic framework... and vice versa of course

i would think that freezing and panic attack are not actually avoidance of deep emotions in many cases but overly-heightened belated emotional response in response to past trauma, especially panic attacks which would steam more often from adult experiences than childhood experiences

i wouldn't necessarily agree that the absence of an adaptive response or the resultant expression of a more primitive response (for example the emotional breakdown of a borderline patient) is, in fact, a form of entrenched maladaptive response
person may have fully developed healthy adaptation capacities that break down when experienced threat or trauma is greater than capacity to cope, or capacities are put under strain for a long time and exhausted, so the issue is not that person never had them or didn't develop them, same stands for reactive psychosis and ptsd - breakdown would actually be a healthy adaptive response, weird as it may seem

avoidance can be extremely healthy as a coping mechanism, too, and life-saving