great article as always

it shows the importance of perspective - good recruiter/pr would make her cv look awesome - versatile skills, published author, media personality with west/east coast experience, and pr expert, throw in a couple of strong adjectives, blah blah - not inconsistent but bursting with unlimited creativity and multimedia whatever

i don't think there is use of calling her former boyfriends, or dwelling on past, but i don't think any therapist can do much about it in some reasonable timeframe

in general, i don't think it is poor choices necessarily. sometimes it is a choice between poor choices so no way for it to come out good anyhow.
i don't think it can even be talked about bad choice in hindsight. if she stayed in pr, she could have been unhappy because she didn't try writing. if she'd married, maybe kids would be problematic, she wouldn't like a role of mother, husband would be terrible or whatever, and she would regret the loss of freedom
science she is writing sf and ya, she might be reminded on choose your own adventure so also, it is not just one's own decision about anything. it is always other conditions, too, on daily basis, not even job, career, college decisions. insignificant personal decisions such as taking the train at 8 and not 8.06 alter the life completely, too

beside, there is no way to know where one would end up on path that was not taken. really no way to know. yes, endurance is great, but also equally sometimes it's better to know when to eit than to enter and patience is a virtue unless it is against brick wall (chinese cookies wisdom and very true)