This Executive Order means that Leftist anti-White racism cannot be presented at government institutions. That is a good thing, obviously. The Left often uses anti-White slurs such as "white supremacy" and "white nationalism" to describe White people that disagree with Leftist ideology.

You wrote: "The field of American psychology, like the rest of the country, requires open and frank discussion on race if wounds are to be healed"

Yes, let's talk about the fact that White men account for 75% of suicides, and men of all races account for 80% of suicides. Is the psychology profession focusing on those race and gender disparities? If not, why not?

You wrote: ".......systemic and institutionalized racism and sexism......".

Systemic racism includes the absence of attention paid to the fact that there is many times more Black-on-White violence than the converse, and the fact that the media is often silent on occurrences of Black-on-White violence.

Systemic sexism includes the fact that women continue to be exempted from having to register for the military draft; that there are hiring and college admission preferences given to women; and the fact that there is a federal office that addresses women's health, but nothing comparable for men's health.