I've know so many narcissist and survivors; more narcs than survivors, actually.
I've been dealing with this all my life, mostly without a frame of reference or understanding of the pattern. Now that I have that, my self journey is far more informed. I recognize tears in myself that probably will never heal.
I'm so glad we're all starting to talk about these toxic people. It seems they are everywhere these days! It also seems to be a civilization wide phenom, perfectly reflected in the rise of the "strongman".
I think the nuclear family is the root source of most of it since kids are trapped with these individuals and cannot escape most times. I think we need to try more communal child raising. I sure could have avoided a bunch of issues if I'd had even somewhat healthy people around me growing up.
Good luck to all out there and please, it's better to be alone than around an abusive narcissist. Protect yourself!