I am 64 and in great shape..pulse 65, 6'2" 210 lb, play tennis, basketball.look 55. Have not had sex in almost 10 years..much tension, raising 2 kids who are doing great..I work a 55 hr job and then teach college..she did not work despite MBA,. She has kept in good shape. After marrying daughter one, and number two probably next year, tried to reestablish sex and was able to arouse her but I have ED (probably due to lack of use and atria fib drugs) and have a lot of work to do. I need to remove pressure from myself, rest, get sex off my mind and see what happens. Looking at natural drugs, also viagra type but trick with A-Fib. Damn and we are getting along..I finally feel that the pressure is off as I am retired, working part time..great social life but this has potential to mess everything up