What would be a more fitting analogy? Dementia? Phantom limb syndrome? Tourette syndrome? Complex regional pain sybdrome? Functional seizures? Idiopathic chronic pain? Idiopathic neuropathy? Charles Bonnet syndrome? Lol.

I kind of like phantom limb syndrome as a very loose comparison to severe major depression. Obvious biologic factors frequently play a big role in PLS, yet it can sometimes be treated with brain retraining exercises and maybe medication.

But still, I don't really find much usefulness in comparing MDD to anything else. It presents differently for everybody, and etiology can be vastly different from person to person, similar to plenty of other health disorders. All these disorders and diseases and syndromes are classified as they are for a reason! Complexity and uncertainty are part of the spice of life.

But maybe there is a more helpful analogy out there...