You nailed it. There are lots of studies about post-menopausal women and sexual health. Most want to be sexually active and being sexually active is the best thing to avoid vaginal atrophy. But, many have issues when it comes to a sexual partner. A size-able percentage report not being interested in having sex with their spouse for a host of reasons. In some cases it's the husband that has lost interest in sex. Post-menopausal women with new partners report most of their sexual dysfunctions being resolved. "Society's judgmental opinion" is a huge factor, but there are others like the emotional impact it would have on the husband to see his wife becoming sexual active again, just not with him. The most obvious problem for a post-menopausal women is finding a new sexual partner. 35% of of post-menopausal women don't have a partner. Finding a reliable FWB candidate wouldn't be that easy for a married woman over 50.