well... unrelated to fascism, people of course are no puppets of circumstances; however, there is a question of majority which determines the course of historical events.

majority was evil, stupid, rotten in the time of fascism, and yes, they did bear individual responsibility, whilst they were hiding behind others. each of them.

but then, there is a question, what can minority do with such majority? apart from the WWII, any cause can be turned over through propaganda and we evidence it today in environmental causes or freedom of press, for example.

hundreds of environmental activists harassed, stalked, threatened, went insane, were killed, or died in weird accidents.... and journalists killed savagely while they were fighting for the freedom of those others... and the "world" didn't stop for them, did it? majority stopped just when they were directly endangered because of Coronavirus.

is that a hill one should die on? for what people-stampedo-senseless mob? for what exactly when nothing is saved?