THANK YOU! I have diagnosed OCD. For me it's NOT about cleanliness. Instead, I count things in series of 11 in my mind constantly. I also once nearly got charged with a crime & lost a job due to COMPLETELY UNWANTED, repetitive and not acted on thoughts about committing a sex crime. (Sadly, this happens to some people w mental illnesses.) Those thoughts just would not go away. I hated them! It was sheer torture. When I shared the problem (I thought confidentially) with a leader in my church, she ran to police because she's a "mandatory reporter". NOTHING HAD HAPPENED (and nothing would happen). But the snafu led to traumatic run-in with law enforcement, legal bills, major job loss, unemployability, major depression, suicide risk, and disintegration of my 25-year marriage. Remember my story when you want to blithely blurt out "I'm so OCD today." You keep people like us *suffering* and *silent* and *untreated* when you utter such lies.