This is such a great article. I had a miscarriage in the fall and have a couple friends who have had miscarriages over this last year. This is very applicable to us. It's a better way for healthcare workers to address what's happening but it's also a good method for anyone who knows someone grieving any type of loss! I really hope this becomes a recommended practice for those in healthcare.

I had a few of the "protect and direct" methods used on me during my miscarriage. One of the worst ones was calling it a "missed abortion". One of the doctors only said it once - and I understand that it's a medical term for what happened - but it deeply scarred me. Now, when I think about what happened in my head (especially as I prepare to tell someone what happened) my brain automatically replaces the word "miscarriage" with "abortion". It is deeply disturbing to me because it makes it sound like it was optional and that I wanted it to happen.