Hello Cam,
I'm sorry to hear of your father's mistreatment that he suffered at the hands of your mother. From what I have heard, the sacrifice that your father made (staying with your mother to protect his children) is very common.

I have been a victim of minor domestic violence (pushing and shoving) as well as emotional abuse. I was in the same situation as your father, as men have to be extremely careful how they handle abusive women, if they want to stay out of jail.

The problem is that feminists hijacked the issue of domestic violence, and made it only about helping women. When men's organizations tried to present the evidence of equal perpetration of domestic violence at VAWA public hearings, Joseph Biden, the author of VAWA, illegally prevented them from presenting that evidence.

Dr. Render Turmaud is to be commended for acknowledging that abuse and surviving abuse is a two-sex problem. Other bloggers on PT frame abuse as a female-only problem, and delete comments that try to set them straight.