I dunno. If someone is "addicted" to social media, however non-chemical addictions are defined, then it seems obvious that "active" users would be unhappy being disconnected by an experiment. Just like an alcoholic would be unhappy about going on the wagon for a week as an experiment versus other alcoholics who stayed on the sauce.

I'm not sure what the experimental protocol should be, but it seems that there should be an experiment in which active users are recruited who really want to disengage for some reason.

My sister-in-law who is an active Facebook user goes off it for Lent (46 days). She looks at that as a spiritual exercise. In her context, the decoupling is a positive thing. I think that's the kind of subject I'm talking about.

P.S. and there's also the issue of not replacing something with nothing. I.e., for the social media users who went off, were they given alternative positive ways to fill the time? E.g., exercise, learning a foreign language online, etc.?