Wow. Very interesting. There had been a trend in research on Facebook users to conclude that Facebook is bad for mental health (i.e., good to take a vacation from). The previous research had limitations that usually precluded a cause-effect conclusion, but now with a study showing that a break from Facebook may be bad for mental health, things just got very interesting.

I’m in the process of reviewing the latest research. I will check this latest study. It makes sense that there would be individual differences in the effects of Facebook use.

As for popular opinion about Facebook, the message from Travers seems to be that most of us see Facebook as something people should take a break from. I’m wondering about that. Has there been any research on the general public’s view of Facebook in regard to whether it’s good or bad for us? I’m going to guess that regular Facebook users (if not the general public) will not be surprised by the results of this new study.