When it comes to ovulating women, the general comment on these & related articles is that the hormones of these fertile women are ‘all over the place’, & as a result, they are naturally drawn to ‘masculine men’.
OK, it may only be semantics, but I feel the alternative wording should maybe be, “When ovulating, women’s hormones are ‘all over the place’, & as a result, they gravitate towards ‘the man of their dreams’ “. Subtle difference, you will agree.
My own wife, I know, is drawn to the Californian beach boy type—-fit, lithe, blond (bleached by the sun), outdoor, active type—-you know the type. Now whether such a guy is ‘masculine’ is subjective—-yes, in all probability he would be; but the important aspect is that he is ‘her type’, & given a choice, Carol would probably LOVE to be bred by a stud as described above, rather than by, say a dark haired body builder, to name just ‘one type’!