"Confidence develops when you have a deep sense that you can handle the emotional outcome of whatever you face or pursue." But if you have such a deep sense then why do you need all the self talk? Why do you need to spend so much time pushing away negative thoughts and self criticism? Why can't you accept compliments? Where is the confidence which comes from self knowledge?

"Think about how frequently a therapist or people close to you tell you to speak up." So this implies that everyone else is right and you must be wrong. You must believe others and disbelieve what is in your own mind. That is the very opposite of self confidence. What of those around you are wrong? What if your therapist is a sham, and just trying to manipulate you? How will you know?

None of her tactics will give you a deep sense of anything. They are shallow mind games. They will cut you adrift from your own feelings, your best guide to the truth. All her tricks give you a fragile sense of self, based on the approval of others, that will fall at the first real hurdle. It is mere self delusion.

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