This was such a helpful post to me. I've struggled with anorexia for the past couple of years and am actually a mental health clinician myself, which makes me feel very ashamed, as I should "know better". I feel like this post explains the illness so well, and why it can be so difficult to let go of. I'm lucky to have a really great dietitian, and fairly recently when my physical health was deteriorating quite quickly, she told me that I really could only continue as is for a limited amount of time- it was only a matter of time before something had to give, and any option of what I stand to lose is a horrible option- my career, my health, my relationship with my husband. Now is the challenging part that I've reached before in recovery that you referenced above- the struggle to push beyond partially weight restored to FULLY restored. Things are better than they were, physically and mentally, and I can't seem to bear the idea of gaining more weight, but also hate the idea of accepting a "semi recovery".

I feel like other therapists and clinicians need to see this article to better understand how to work with clients who are struggling to weigh the value of maintaining sick versus getting well.

Again, thanks for articulating this so well.

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