-----"However, what I do not love is when people are chatting on their smartphones when they should be chatting with the person sitting opposite them at the dining table. It annoys me when people spend five minutes trying to get a perfect Instagram picture of something rather than savouring the moment mindfully. It terrifies me when I hear that 61% of people sleep with their phones right next to their bed."

Is this serious? Why does it bother you if I take a picture of my fine meal and post it on facebook (which studies have shown that people who snap a picture of their meal actually enjoy it more). Why does it bother you that my husband and I may check our smart phones over breakfast at a restaurant (and that we are not chatting non stop)? Why, if I have a meal with someone, am I required to chat with them? What business would it be of anyone else's how I conduct my social life?

What evidence do you have that us checking our smartphones during the meal is jeopardizing our mental or marital health? Does it literally terrify you that someone has a cellphone next to their bed? Before smartphones and cell phones, most people had a landline phone plunked on their nightstand - did that terrify you too?????

Does the public need to be on the lookout for people who will castigate us all because we are not using technology according to this article - technology that, by the way, we are paying for?