The media isn't really providing a balanced lesson for many men in reporting the continuing cascade of sexual assaults and women's stories. For some impressionable young men with little sexual experience, or single men who aren't in a good intimate sexual relationship with a woman, the current spate of news can leave a distorted impression that women generally don't like sex, and are horrified by watching a man masturbate, are horrified to see his penis, etc. What I'm saying is that without the counterweight of a woman to provide a supportive POSITIVE view of sex and how a woman can accept a man's sexually, what they are now superficially hearing is that a constant parade of even famous men are being apparently 100% rejected by women, and are coming.

Certainly, this will have the positive effect of making some men understand that consent is extremely important. But I also think the constant barrage of this news might make some men think that women are very reluctant to have sex, and so you NEED to be very pushy to have any luck at all.

Because totally absent from this discussion in the media (that I've seen) is any instruction about a positive way to approach women, and the fact that women will respond positively.

It seems too often presumed in the pages of PT here and elsewhere in advice columns on men behaving improperly, whether they're assaulting women sexually, watching too much porn, etc. that all of these men have wives and girlfriends at home who are ready and willing to have sex with them. And that just isn't the case for many men, even married men.

And so I just wonder, when a single young man who's not having much luck with dating, or a married man whose wife is rejecting him in bed -- if these men hear only an endless parade of women essentially describing how horrified they are by men's sexuality, I'm not sure it's leaving them with the right impression. They have no woman in their lives to give them a hug and let them know that their sexual feelings are OK and normal.

And so I do wonder if in some way all this news, without a counterbalancing message of positivity from women, isn't just perpetuating the cycle of resentment towards women for some men who aren't getting a balanced message.

Sure it's not the media's "responsibility" to teach positive sex. But unfortunately, much of America has shortchanged the other avenues for positive messages about sex, beginning in schools which can teach only abstinence, etc.