I wasn't implying that "kids will be kids" and to let it all go.

I was on a hike this morning with my friend, who is my age (59). She has a body type exactly like mine - tall and slender. So the type of teasing we both got was the "skinny Minnie" and "flat chest" (which is quite sexist) kind.

We got onto the subject of school teasing. She was teased without mercy by her severe acne, that started at age 8. She could not even talk about it! She said it was absolutely horrible. I remember the kids in my school who suffered from severe acne, a medical problem, and the teasing they got. We also had a dwarf/little person, who got teased a lot. Anyone outside the norm was teased...and it wasn't good. Nothing was done about any of it either.

So yes, I certainly wasn't saying it all should be ignored. My only sibling (sister) was obese, and eventually had successful weight surgery. So I know what fat teasing is like from that perspective.