We shouldn't coddle people too much. If anything, we should encourage people to be confident and make a difference, for themselves and others. Emotional strength is important, but so is realism. One should sit down and ask what one needs, rather than others. Although, there are times when people will say things that seem harsh, but come from a place of love. For example, I will encourage friends and family to lose weight for their health's sake. Because, in all reality, someone who is very overweight or obese is not healthy physically. They may be amazing people I know and love, but their weight isn't doing them any favors. All in all, one should look at why overconsumption of food and/or lack of exercise is occurring. From someone who has struggled with weight and seen her inner and outer beauty throughout the years, my health, both physically and emotionally, is key to my survival as a good, logical human being.

My advice:
1.) Ignore unrealistic images. As in, stay off social media. Throw out magazines, or avoid buying those that perpetuate unhealthy weight goals or weight loss means. Stop being friends with people who are conceited and superficial (Would you really rather be with people who make you feel worse?)
2.) Focus on the important things in life, such as education, employment, living, etc. This will take your mind off of weight and direct your energy towards improving yourself as a whole. I've found that weight management is an add-on rather than a main concern.
3.) Don't stress too much about the weight. If you want to lose it, make realistic plans, such as walking to school or work rather than driving. Make exercise and healthy eating a part of your routine rather than a dreaded chore.
4.) Do things that make you happy or satisfied with or proud of yourself. If you have enough things to rave about, then the negative bs doesn't count or matter.
5.) Surround yourself with those who appreciate you. And, don't always take things the wrong way. My mom, for example, will point out if I've gained some weight. I take it as constructive criticism, because I know her and that it's easy for me to gain and not notice (I don't use a scale!)
6.) Throw your scale out! Unless it really helps. Many variables affect weight, so this isn't always accurate and can be deeply depressing/disheartening.