Narcissism is the psych darling of the moment and a quick and dirty way to get a click on a post. And of course it gives us all a chance to gleefully and vicariously analyze our own significant other as the narcissist in our personal particular little angst profile.

But as you point out, 'narcissism' is on a contnuum. Like introversion, autism, drinking, spending, sex, etc and so on, seemingly ad infinitum. There was a post a while back here on Psych Today, someone trying to float a 'TV Binge Watching Disorder.. Haha yeah Netflix won that round!

The psych community is more over-crowded than the legal profession, so we must constantly worry if our mere human proclivities are fodder for yet another Psychology Disorder Definition in the Dreaded, Constantly Changing but Very Really Authoritative Compendium of the Real Human Mind! Cuz Freud said! AKA the dsmmmm.