I'm sorry to see your post. Here is the truth. If you need to convince somebody of your worth it's not a problem with you it's a problem with them and they aren't worth your time. If you do something well or something you feel proud of it doesn't need somebody else's approval to be that. Somebody else's perspective is thiers it's not a definition of fact it's just an opinion. So now for the solution. Many people in your life will see your worth so keep them close and cherish thier opinion. Many people in life won't see your worth or agree with your opinion so keep them at a distance. Respect thier right to have an opinion you don't happen to have or have to agree with. Dont let negative comments define your truth or your reality. You don't need to convince somebody of your worth. You need to convince yourself that somebody else's opinion that your worthless isn't something you need to agree with.

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