In the past, had at least two friends that were a bit too needy in my teen years. Maybe more, but these two I remember the most here. Won't mention their names of course, and ended the relationship with them quickly too. Haven't seen them in years since. The first one was a good friend at first.Then there was this time where he got his first driver's license and wanted to tell me about it over the phone. He tried to reach me all day. Good for him, but that was inappropriate. There were other times where he would just appear in my home uninvited when I wake up in the morning. Yeah he was a bit creepy. Had him go away after a short while.

And the second I never really liked but he liked having me around. The only reason he liked having me around was our similar ethnic backgrounds or racial reasons. We were both Norwegians. Great that we have that similarity, but not good enough for a real friendship. And he was getting too clingy by meeting me after school and taking me to a private area of the school. No not for gay sex(joke), but I think he was trying to start a racially driven cult. A local newspaper even ridiculed him on this once. He was also deeply religious, but not in a sublimation good way. When I was starting to avoid him, he would claim I was processed by a demon or devil, and that's why I would avoid him or tell him to leave me alone. That kind of religious insanity. I'm religious too, but I wouldn't use religion to rationalize why people don't like me or avoid me as this guy does. He finally left me alone when he got the hint that he was making me feel uncomfortable.

Years later I heard stories about them. The first one stalked a past girlfriend or lover of mine when he used to live next door to her. He would watch her through a window and she caught him doing this a few times. She had some court action done and moved away after that. Well that's what she told me anyway. Can't say it's true or not that he stalked her. And the second one tried to have a baby with someone and had a complication with the labor that killed the baby. Or was that during the pregnancy? Don't remember this well. He didn't take it well at all, and the two split after that.

So anyway those two were a bit like this. The first was a good friend at first then got creepy and toxic. And for the second, I still don't know why we were friends in the first place acted like he needed me too much and didn't treat me like I had my own life to live.

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