Hello Noam

Thank you for your prescient and entertaining thoughts.

Loved the post.

There is so much in what you wrote, so I will comment on what really touched me.

I liked what you wrote about public diagnoses from afar: "Still, the business of public diagnosis from afar is problematic, for several reasons".

I loved your highlighting how Trump is primarily ridiculed: "First, those who diagnose Trump invariably use the diagnosis to ram and ridicule him".

I loved that you highlighted the egregiousness of such judgemental behaviour by psychologists and mental health experts: "This, at least when coming from psychologists or mental health experts, is unfortunate".

I am in doubt about what you meant in writing: "Those who are burdened with mental health challenges should not be shunned or shamed for their troubles. Least of all by those who’s job is to help them".

Was that a generic observation or was there an implication that Donald Trump is burdened by mental health challenges?

I loved your following paragraph: "People, after all, are more than the sum of their diagnoses ... ".

I loved that you called out mental health practitioners on 'public diagnoses' ... 'non-consenting people' ... 'they have never met ...' 'no proper assessment ... ' ' ... especially with personality disorders'.

On these words alone, I delighted in your post and that would have been enough (can I throw in a dayenu here?).

For me, the pièce de la resistance was in your so incisively highlighting that: " ... those who want to play “Analyze This” with politics and culture may be well advised to try a different tack. For example, instead of asking what a politician’s behavior or public persona says about them, we may inquire about what their behavior reveals about us"

It is clear that this line of enquiry is the most fertile, painful as it may be to those who ram and ridicule him. He is, of course, a mirror offering unflattering reflections and it's much easier burning witches at the stake.

Thank you for writing.

I also enjoyed everything which culminated in the 'car on the road' - very succinct analogy. So too "Civilisation and it's Discontents".

In ending, I'd take part issue with you on Obama, and his presidency's contribution to Freud's 'the return of the repressed'.

More salient is the enquiry of 'the Trump in us' and our willingness to own it all.

Thank you so much for writing.