My disclaimer is that I now practice ACT as a therapist and have done so for about 2 years.

Around 5 years ago my left ear began ringing. I hoped it would go away but after a year, my right ear began to ring. I now have stereo ringing.

I remember thinking that heaven would be having one 24 hour period where I wouldn't hear the ringing. It bothered me substantially, phones, doorbells, buzzers all seemed to become louder.

After about 2 years I remember feeling frustrated after seeing 2 doctors and 2 specialists. The only 'treatment' was hearing aides or a noise maker. These treatments would only mask the sound. Then I read that the treatments would help because they would 'retrain the brain' by creating a new 'normal' noise level. I realized that I could find a way to retrain my brain and that might help.

So I stopped worrying about the sound and I lived my life to the best I could. I purchased the best quality headset I could and I listened to music that I enjoyed. Soon after accepting my tinnitus, I noticed that days and even weeks went by where I rarely noticed the ringing.

When I began learning about ACT, I immediately recognized that I had practiced acceptance, opening up to my tinnitus and then valued living. Interestingly, in speaking with another friend who also has tinnitus, he does the same thing. He just listens to music all of the time rather than fighting with it.

Thanks for the post!