I've always had incredibly vivid lucid dreams and I've experienced all four of these levels. In most of my dreams, I am able to change the point of view or angles that I look at the dream. Most of the time I see things from my point of view, but I can consciously change it so that I'm looking down at the scene or at my face for however long I want like I'm watching a movie through different camera angles and shots. With the other characters in my dreams, I can also switch to their point of views as well to control what they are doing. I can also morph my surroundings and the objects and people within them. Throughout the dream, I am also simultaneously thinking and making mental comments about what is going on or about something someone said or did. I've also had several occasions where I've had two completely different dreams going on during one night's sleep and throughout the night I'm able to switch back and forth between the two dreams like a tv while pausing one dream while experiencing the other. I've also just decided during a dream that I didn't like it, so I woke myself up before immediately going back to sleep to dream a more interesting dream. I've also redreamt my entire day again, but while I usually don't control these dreams, I will occasionally say something to other people in the dream that I hadn't said in reality, to see what they would've said differently. Lucid dreaming is freaking fantastic. XD