I lucid dream regularly, but far more vividly, intensely, and inevitably if I eat anything with sugar before bedtime... at least my recall is greater. I also wakeup exhausted from it at times.

While I experience all 4 of the above and it is usually really wonderful, there are certain moral dilemmas I go through due to the fact that I know I am controlling my dreams. I tend to analyze my dreams while dreaming. I actually notice things throughout and wonder why they are there and how they relate to events that happened in my waking life earlier that day or recently. I have moral debates at a somewhat conscious level while dreaming. For example, "This is so good and interesting. I should probably stop but I'm so curious and want to see where this goes." and wonder if, for example, I cheat in my dreams, since I controlled it and let it continue, does that equate to cheating on some level? Since it is so ultra vivid ( taste, sight, smell, etc. ) it really feels like it.

I also find the drifting in and out of control interesting. For the most part, I am aware I am dreaming and just enjoy watching it and analyzing it, but then when I want to change the scene or actions, I almost feel more immersed in changing it and then backing off to a distance again ( like tweaking a program and letting it run until I reprogram it ).

The one true benefit is never having a nightmare. I lost the ability in my teens for a while and started getting nightmares while I was on a medication for a tumor and couldn't control dreams well.... it was terrible.