I've always judged each man on his own character. To start with some personal history, I had a melt down in 1976, and over the years I assumed it was PTSD. I was diagnosed, as PTSD in 2013. There was many incidents, that I could remember as a young soldier (18 years old) in West Germany during the Vietnam Era. But one stood out: My first night in my unit, in a barracks room, I was woke up by 6 other soldiers having a Black Panther Meeting in my room, and ironically, near my bed. I have a claim, to The VA, this might have been the incident, that gave me sleeping problems, for must of my life. I was (in 1976) treated by a private Physiologist, out of my own pocket, because there was many bad stories about the VA back in those days. I had a relapse in 2006.
Again, I don't believe, myself a bigoted person (you would be surprised at some of my reasoning) , but suppose, this was the opposite...some Black Kid, waking up in the middle of a KKK Meeting. I personally think, because of PC, The VA doesn't want to touch my claim with a 10 feet pole and I may find my VA claim lost, when in the next coming months, I put a tracer on my claim.
F. Ramm

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