There is not a human culture anywhere that did not have slavery at some point in their history. None is exempt from this horror. The evil eye is blue because the Vikings sold so many Caucasian slaves with blue eyes to countries all around the Mediterranean. So the same thing—Caucasian Vikings selling Caucasian slaves they captured and Africans selling African slaves they captured. Slaves sold in the Americas belonged to Caucasian, Christian owners who justified slavery using the Old Testament—which was, actually, an entirely different type of slavery, more like what we understand as indentured service, i.e., you could earn your freedom. You should read "Jews, Slaves, and the Slave Trade: Setting the Record Straight." It's aways tempting to try to blame someone else for something bad; but being a Caucasian myself, I have to accept that Caucasians were responsible for the North American slave trade, as painful as that is.