Hi, Kronkite, This is an incorrect belief that has been around for a long time. Thank you for raising this issue. See the study by Faber, "Jews, Slaves, and the Slave Trade." Also studies by Harold Brackman and Saul Friedman. There were far more Christian British, French, and Portuguese slave traders than Jewish slave traders. ("Amazing Grace" was written by a Christian slave trader seeking forgiveness.) The Scandinavians sold slaves very early in Western history which is why "the evil eye" is blue—there were so many slaves with blue eyes. Black kings sold captives from other tribes. We can't blame slavery on the Jews or Black people. It happened because primarily white, Christians kept the trade going. It's time we looked at history and admitted we made a terrible mistake—for centuries. It's always easier to try to find a scapegoat or to try to blame the victim than accept responsibilty for past wrongs.