How to Master Change

All of us experience major disruptors and difficult events, as this year reminds us all. Profound change is best navigated by understanding the science of life transitions.
Physicist Brian Wecht solved a longstanding problem in string theory and reached the pinnacle of academia. But he was also a musician and comedian, so he gave up a tenured professorship to perform in Ninja Sex Party, a band for which he dressed up in costume...and never spoke. As a newly married dad, he quit his job, moved to Hollywood, and made it to the top 25 on the Billboard charts.

Managing Life Transitions

By Bruce Feiler

Getting through the lifequakes.

Growing Through Challenge

By Leah Katz Ph.D.

Strategies to help you evolve
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How to Help Young People

By Eugene Beresin M.D., M.A.

Grief and loss during COVID-19
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Changing the Way You Think

By Bobby Hoffman Ph.D.

You are undergoing personal change, but is it for the better?