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Top Posts: March 2019

Finally, the cold weather and snowstorms are behind us. Look toward spring showers with these reads on human evolution, hormones and attraction, why we act the way we do, and more.

Why the Mueller Report Won't Change Minds

By Morgan Marietta Ph.D.

Mental Health Should Matter as Much as Physical Health

By Sandro Galea M.D.

“Why Am I Always Like This?”

By Steven C. Hayes Ph.D.

A New Drug for Depression

By Devon Frye

Darwin’s Bucket List

By Glenn Geher Ph.D.

From Mom on Your Birthday: A Microbiota

By Scott C. Anderson

Do Hormones Change Women’s Taste In Men?

By Benedict Jones Ph.D.

Influential Theory of Mind Papers

By Cody Kommers

The Healing Power of Telling Your Trauma Story

By Seth J. Gillihan Ph.D.

How Dogs Hear and Speak

By Marc Bekoff Ph.D.

I'll Feel More Like It Tomorrow

By Timothy A Pychyl Ph.D.

Happiness for Sale

By David B. Feldman Ph.D.

Why Are Parents So Scared About College?

By Matthias Doepke, Ph.D., and Fabrizio Zilibotti, Ph.D.

The Kid in You

By Bruce Grierson

Universals in Emotional Expression

By Douglas T. Kenrick Ph.D.

A New Way to Spot the Liar

By Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D.

When Is It OK to Ghost Someone?

By Jennice Vilhauer Ph.D.

Is the Pink Tax Ethical?

By Utpal Dholakia Ph.D.

Stunning Facts About Higher Education

By Rob Henderson

The Memory Kaleidoscope

By Ira Hyman Ph.D.

Our Reactions to Trump’s Bible Signing

By Jamie D. Aten Ph.D.

The TLDR Effect

By D. B. Dillard-Wright Ph.D.

The First Drug to Treat Postpartum

By Abigail Fagan