Knock, Knock! Who's There?

Who's there? Shhhhh!

Posted May 20, 2020

Knock, Knock!

Who’s there?


Quiet, Who?

Yes, it’s time we met. 

Let me introduce myself. I exist in a room where you can close a door and shut out the noise, a place in your mind that can be still, even when chaos may be all around you. I’m what you might desire after a long day or what you might see if you follow me into the next steps of this journey. Let me lead you into the cave that holds your spirit, holds your longings, holds you in ways only imagined. You see, I’m safe in here. In the quiet place of your mind, heart, and soul. Offering an opportunity to glide and glean the universe of the self.  

 "Glow Worm Strands" Eden, Janine and Jim/Flickr
"I'm safe in here. The quiet place of your mind, heart, and soul."
Source: "Glow Worm Strands" Eden, Janine and Jim/Flickr

Sometimes people create a safe space in a bedroom, or on a couch, or within the inner sanctum of personal space, whatever that looks like and feels like for you, go there. Usually, no one is around or allowed to enter your privacy during this time. You have the right to make sure of this. Setting a boundary that is yours. When honoring it yourself, others will follow your lead. 

Allow your thoughts to come and go as you take in five deep breaths. Breathe in for five and breathe out for five. Let the images and dialogue in your mind come in and then fall away. Give them a place to go. A pool of water near a waterfall or the top of a mountain, or ... you fill it in—it does belong to you. They will be there when you return. 

As you breathe in and out, releasing the energy of the day, invite your imagination to conjure the entrance to a cave, within that cave you find an inner sanctum. Within that safe space, you are all-seeing, and yet, your eyes are deeply closed. Is there quiet, is the silence allowing you to hear what you don’t hear? 

 "A circle of rocks" Ben Coombs/Flickr
Grief, play, desire.
Source: "A circle of rocks" Ben Coombs/Flickr

In front of you, there are rocks in a circle formation. Turn away from the rocks and walk around inspecting this inner sanctum. Allow all of your senses to come alive. Walk over to one of the walls, assess the smells—are they musty? Humid? Sweet? When you reach the wall, place a hand on it. Is it wet or dry? Are there plants growing out of it? Or is it mossy?

Look down. See your feet. What is the ground made of? Sand? Packed dirt? Is it cool or warm? Touch it. How does it feel in your hands? Is it soft, mushy, are there granules of rock on the floor? 

 Are there other chambers or caverns in your cave? Are you aware of other tunnels within this sacred cave? Are you curious to explore or would you rather stay where you are, in your awareness, and the quiet of it all? Breathe into this awareness. Breathe in the silence. The quiet of it all. 

Go back to the rocks, and as you sit with the rocks, there’s a realization about them. On three of the rocks are words: Grief. Play. Desire. Powerful energy is emitted from the three rocks. It is undeniable. It is me, Quiet says, that has led you here, to this pool of energy. Led you into this discovery of where I, your quiet, can help you, can make you curious. 

You pick up the rock with the word Grief written on it. Holding it, in the quiet of the cave, you ask what purpose it holds in its presence. With this invitation you might have Visions, hear music, and other people's thoughts may come to you. Allow for the disturbance of the quiet, going into the visions, listening to the music, or understanding what others are saying. Be curious about who these people are. Identify them as advocates, allies, or critics. What do you whisper to them? What do you choose to hold onto and make yours? What do you choose to release? Breathe. Now, let go of this, moving back into Quiets’ lead.

You pick up the rock with the word Play written on it. Holding it, in the quiet of the cave, you ask what purpose it has. Ask the rock to show you times when play was part of who you were. The tiny moments of play, as if recorded on film, are reminders of you in play. Youthful laughter and joy accompanying a film. You are brought back to a time of innocence, of curiosity, when rules were boundaries but not walls. Is your play an advocate, an ally, or critic? Can you restart that part of you to reignite passion, power, and potency? Let go of this, moving back into Quiet's lead.

You pick up the last rock, the rock with the word Desire written on it. Holding it, in the quiet of the cave, ask what purpose it serves. What does it want you to hear, to see, to feel in its presence? Listen. Desire shows up in many different forms. The desire to find the true self. The desire to find a nourishing kind of love. Desire to overcome obstacles that stop you from being your best self. Who has been part of your desire story? See them. Speak to them. Listen. Who has crushed a desire? See them, hear them, speak to them. Listen. Imagine in the quiet of the cave, desire is about an unmet craving. Carve it out for yourself. Within the cave, paint it, hear it, calm it and see it. Let go of this, moving back into Quiet's lead.

Looking at the rocks, the words on the three rocks that you just held, begin to fade. Slowly, you return to an awareness of your breath. Breathing in three times, and releasing the breath three times. 

Moving slowly, you get up from the position you held within the cave and begin the journey of leaving it—knowing how welcoming it will be, whenever you decide to return to it.

 "Thinking..." 1dayreview/Flickr
Quiet is in the lead.
Source: "Thinking..." 1dayreview/Flickr

Quiet is in the lead. Hearing the breath, your breath, how the beat of the heart opens, your heart opens and opens doors to a light, to internal lightness, to awareness.

Coming back to the safety of where you began.

Taking a few minutes to open your eyes, to be in the presence of now.

Opportunity awaits for a word to be written by you on your phone or on paper. One word or many. Who were your allies, advocates, and critics in this process? The secret is safe with you.

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Oh, thanks for coming back.